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Abstract—In order to solve the problem of power network coordination and management caused by the characteristics of distributed power distribution, this paper proposes a multi-objective optimal dispatching method for active distribution network based on cluster division. Firstly, the state estimation is used to eliminate bad data and obtain more accurate system parameters. Secondly, the multi-time scale integrated optimization of active and reactive power coordination, robust correction control optimization considering the statistical uncertainty of power supply and load prediction data and linear control cost optimization based on measurement data were established to dynamically adjust the distributed power cluster to achieve optimal scheduling. The research shows that this method can quickly converge the maximum deviation of data to less than 0.003 under the severe numerical conditions and reduce the network loss and voltage deviation to improve the economic benefit and power quality of the power grid.

Paper's title: Research on Multi-objective Optimal Scheduling of Active Distribution Network Based on Cluster Partition Authors Pengxi Liu, Hongyu Long, Mingyao Ma