A General 3D Geometry-Based Stochastic Model for Industrial IoT Environments

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Industrial Internet of things (IoT) environment is one of the typical scenarios in the beyond fifth generation (B5G) networks. In this paper, a general three dimensional (3D) geometry-based stochastic model (GBSM) is proposed for the industrial IoT environments. Typical channel parameters, such as the power, delay, azimuth angle of arrival (AAOA), azimuth angle of departure (AAOD), elevation angle of arrival (EAOA), elevation angle of departure (EAOD) are combined to model the channel impulse response (CIR). The spatial consistency of the parameter is achieved by the sum of sinusoids (SOS) method. The spatial non-stationarity is modeled by describing the birth and death of the clusters under the industrial environments. To support the broadband channel, the CIR is modeled at each bin of the whole spectrum and the frequency correlation of the parameters is taken into account. Extensive simulated and measured results validate the credibility of the proposed model.