IEEE 5G Podcast with the Experts: A Sustainable Ecosystem Framework for 5G Applications & Services

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Applications and services are the exciting place where technology advances and envisioned use cases merge to reveal real world practices and impact. 5G and future networks have galvanized the imagination around a broad landscape of known and possible applications and services like no earlier network generation. But, what was missing was a way to organize and contextualize a sustainable infrastructure that can underlie applications and services across myriad industries. This podcast imparts a structured, flexible, adaptable, and scalable methodology for applications and services that extends end-to-end across ecosystems in urban and non-urban areas. This methodology caters to different levels of local priorities, resources, and technologies.

A Sustainable Ecosystem Framework for 5G Applications & Services - IEEE 5G Transmissions: Podcasts with the Experts An IEEE Future Directions Digital Studio Production