Performance Analysis of Overlapped Time Division Multiplexing Systems Under Correlated Noise

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In order to increase the spectral efficiency of wireless communication system, the performance of the Overlapped Time Division Multiplexing (OVTDM) system is investigated in practical scenario. The research results demonstrate that, if matched filtering and oversampling process are applied at the receiver, then correlated noise will be brought into the OVTDM system. Through the correlated noise model, OVTDM system can still achieve better bit error rate performance than orthogonal transmission system under the same spectral efficiency, since specific delay pattern is designed between multiple non-orthogonal data streams in the OVTDM system. Besides, we also verify that the overlapping of multiple transmit pulses in the OVTDM system does not expand the system bandwidth, which remains equivalent with the orthogonal transmission system. Simulation results show that, OVTDM system with QPSK modulation and overlapping fold of 4 can achieve nearly 5 dB gain than 256QAM system.