Performance Evaluation Based on Joint Frequency and Orbital Angular Momentum Spectrum

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"This paper investigates the joint frequency and Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) spectrum. It can be seen in the time-dependent wave function of the radio wave with OAM that the duality between frequency and time is similar to that between OAM mode and spatial azimuth angle. Based on 2-D Fourier transformation, the joint frequency and OAM spectrum can be acquired and thus the capacity of joint frequency and OAM spectrum is evaluated. Furthermore, mathematical models are established to explain the fractional OAM mode based on joint frequency and OAM spectrum. Afterwards, the fractional OAM shift keying is proposed. It is confirmed by Monte-Carlo simulations that the lower bit error rate can be achieved by single fractional OAM shift keying in comparison with integral OAM
 shift keying."