Soft-Sec-Loc: A Softwarized Resource Allocation Framework for Guaranteed Security and Location

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Network softwarization (NetSoft) is accepted as the most promising technology towards flexible resource management and scheduling for upcoming 5G and B5G networks. With softwarization, physical network elements, along with their dedicated network functions and resources, can be managed and scheduled in a conventional manner. The issue of allocating softwarized resources is the dominant technical issue in NetSoft area. However, previous researchers focus on proposing feasible softwarized resource approaches, with the only aiming of maximizing the success ratio. Little research is concentrated on allocating softwarized resource with security of physical devices, not to mention their required locations. Based on these, we research the softwarized resource allocation with security and location. At first, we model the softwarized resource allocation in a formal way. Especially, we model the security and location for NetSoft research. Then, we propose the Soft-Sec-Loc framework for dealing with the softwarized resource allocation. In order to validate the proposed Soft-Sec-Loc framework, we conduct the simulation. We plot and discuss the simulation results. For instance, our Soft-Sec-Loc achieves higher success ratio and physical resource utilizations than that of selected strategies.