Cyber Security: Why It’s Everyone’s Business - Panel at IEEE WIE Forum USA East 2017


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This presentation was recorded at the IEEE Women in Engineering East Forum on 2 December 2017. 

Abstract: Cybercrime is rising at a breakneck pace and costing organizations on average more than US $17 million annually. Attackers are evolving, collaborating and working in a distributed fashion and finding it easier to scale cybercrime globally. The United States is the most vulnerable nation when it comes to cyberattack, as we are the most dependent country on information technology. IT security is no longer the sole responsibility of a group of technologists. Today’s reality is that cybersecurity is everyone’s business. A well trained and knowledgeable cyber-savvy workforce is the most effective cyber defense against any adversary. Women comprise 50 percent of the world population, and yet only 11 percent of cybersecurity workforce consists of women. The cybersecurity industry needs to embrace the women pool as diverse workforce fuels innovation to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our world today. Women who are interested in entering the field of information security can partake in a fast-growing industry with competitive pay and pave the way for the future entrants. They can also make a real difference and help to make our nation and the world more secure. Our panel of experts discusses trends in cyber-attacks, their contribution to cybersecurity and ways each of you can raise awareness and employ better cyber hygiene both at your enterprises and at home.


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  • March 19, 2018



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