How to Work With Each Other: Legal Tips on Collaboration - Maura Moran from IEEE WIE Forum USA East 2017


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This presentation was recorded at the IEEE Women in Engineering East Forum on 2 December 2017. 

Abstract: Technology and business are inherently collaborative. Knowing how to work together while also protecting yourself is important for any person or company. Collaboration requires communication, often among strangers whose objectives differ. It requires disclosure and co-development of information and ideas. We will explore types of collaborations, how to improve collaborators’ communication, and how to promote and manage co-development. Structuring collaborations is easier when you understand Intellectual Property (IP). We will discuss forms of IP relevant at each collaboration phase and practical steps to protect and harness IP while working together. Collaboration usually needs a written agreement to lay out both sides’ expectations. We will explore how to handle issues like technology brought into or developed during a project, compensation, terminations, liabilities/warranties, confidentiality, and non-competes.


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  • March 23, 2018



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