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With the development of computer network technology, remote working condition monitoring system is gradually applied to the fields of traffic and road condition, construction site, and oil well site monitoring. The traditional monitoring system can achieve its basic functions to a certain extent, but on the one hand, it does not solve the problem of simultaneous transmission of working condition data and real-time images; on the other hand, the networking is not flexible enough. Based on the embedded development board and wireless bridge communication technology, this paper constructs an embedded remote working condition monitoring system. This system combines the V4L2 (Video for linux2) programming framework provided by Linux, and transplants the collection and sending program of working condition data and image data in the development board. First, the development board collects and packs the data; then, the data is transmitted to the upper monitoring center through the wireless bridge to realize real-time monitoring of the scene and real-time display and alarm of working condition data. This paper designs and implements an embedded remote working condition monitoring system, and builds an experimental platform to verify its feasibility.

Design of Embedded Remote Working Condition Monitoring System Based on Wireless Network Bridge Chunling Yang, Fangyong Lu*, Min Zhu, Min Liu