IROS TV 2019- Pohang University of Science and Technology- Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory


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Interacting through the Sense of Touch – Haptics In the Haptics and Virtual Reality Laboratory at POSTECH in Korea, directed by Prof. Seungmoon Choi, researchers study fundamental science, technologies, and applications related to haptics. Today, the group is focusing on developing good technologies that help people make haptic content more easily and quickly. For example, when you play a game, they can create exciting haptic effects by converting the game sound to haptic stimuli. If you go to a 4D theatre, you can enjoy a 4D film with compelling 4D motion and vibration effects. Realism and immersion is greatly improved when congruent haptic effects support the scene. The team are also making algorithms for creating motion and vibration effects automatically from the audio-visual data of the film. They’re studying the systems and algorithms that allow us to measure the haptic response of something, make a good model for it, and re-create the response in virtual environment with very high fidelity. Realistic rendering of real haptic responses in a virtual or augmented environment has also been a major research topic. For instance, we can touch a real object using a haptic device and measure its physical response. This input-output relationship is modelled using a black-box model that allows real-time computation, and this model is used to create highly realistic haptic object for VR. Another long-term project this group has worked on is haptic perception and rendering for mobile devices. More recent research topics include haptic sensing and multi-modal haptic rendering. All this work aims at providing a more efficient means to improve the enjoyment of users through haptic interfaces.

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  • December 24, 2019



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