IROS TV 2019-U.S. Military Academy, West Point- Robotics Research Center


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The Robotics Research Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point is a premier resource for expertise and academic scholarship in the field of robotics and AI. We enable interdisciplinary cooperation and concentrate Academy-wide research efforts in robotic systems. The center supports margin-of-excellence research activities focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous systems. This educates and inspires leaders of character who are prepared to think critically, innovate, and apply robotic systems in the Army and in the world. The ground vehicle research develops vehicle and path planning behaviors for small and medium-sized ground vehicles. Focusing on autonomous ground vehicles for 3D mapping and navigation. Arial robotic research investigates efficient intra-swarm communications. Drone and fixed-wing aerial vehicles combine to improved situational awareness among swarm members. Developing human-machine interfaces and other tools to allow swarm commanders to more effectively use swarm capabilities. Just two of the applications for this technology include mapping battlefields and detecting radiation sources form the air. While learning about the use of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, students are challenged to successfully integrate the engineering skills required to improve small, autonomous robots to perform on a simulated battlefield. This while emphasizing corresponding discussions of philosophical concepts – the ethics of war, including Just War Theory, as well as larger issues in human dignity, agency, and responsibility. This multi disciplined program collaborates with leaders in academia, industry and seasoned army personnel to create a well rounded, one of a kind, hands on experience. This is a unique opportunity to put the latest robotic and AI developments into real world scenarios. At the Robotics Research Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point, we’re creating the cutting edge robotic and AI technology - while creating leaders of character who will drive the future.

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  • December 24, 2019



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