SCV SSIT Chapter Meeting, July 8, 2020, Ethics and Covid-19

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Controlling the COVID-19 pandemic is an effort that encompasses many choices, a wide variety of tradeoffs, and a sea of uncertainty. The goal is to save lives and prevent the spread of infection. Amidst this, industries such as pharmaceuticals are doing well, but there is a long and growing list of collateral damage: business closing, increased unemployment and hunger, delayed health care, and education and career plans thrown into disarray. Even considering all of this, the global impact is even more complicated. This talk will explore the uncertainties about the virus, the impact of the responses so far, and trade-offs between protective actions and collateral damage. It will also explore our own responsibilities not only for protecting our neighbors, but ensuring that decisions made by our leaders are ethical. Prior to the talk, participants will be invited to complete a short survey about their own positions on the many uncertainties.

Discussion of when and how the US should open up during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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