IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (WCET) Certification Program

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With the IEEE WCET certification, professionals will be able to clearly demonstrate their knowledge of wireless communication technologies to employers or change engineering fields as new opportunities arise in the wireless industry.

Vendor-neutral and trans-national in scope, the IEEE WCET certification program's focus is explicitly on the knowledge and on-the-job experience that a practicing wireless communications professional needs to possess in order to pass the WCET exam. Nothing testifies more to the international nature of the program than the breadth of industry participation at all stages of the development process.

Global industry experts representing countries such as Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Japan, Malaysia, the United States, and Uruguay, shared their expertise to create and subsequently refine the draft delineation outlining the areas of responsibility and specific tasks and knowledge that might be expected of a candidate for WCET certification. Over 1,300 individuals representing over 65 countries from around the world participated in an industry survey which provided strong validation that the tasks and knowledge defined by the delineation represented what they as industry practitioners experienced as part of their job responsibilities.

Various resources are available to individuals who want to take the WCET certification examination. The first resource is a free Candidate's Handbook, created to help individuals understand eligibility requirements, as well as how to apply, study and sit for the exam.

Additional resources include a glossary, list of sample referencessample questions, a WEBOK available from John Wiley and a practice exam that can help you prepare for the test. A detailed outline of what's covered on the exam is addressed in the IEEE WCET Exam Specifications.

Adding the IEEE WCET designation to your resume shows that you have demonstrated mastery of the internationally recognized industry body of wireless communications knowledge and that you have accepted the challenge to stay informed of new developments in the wireless field.

Each month, a regular column called, "Certification Corner" is featured in IEEE Communications Magazine.

An infomercial on the new IEEE WCET Certification Program from the IEEE Communications Society detailing benefits for why individuals should get certified.