IEEE Tesla and Halperin Awards: PES Awards 2020

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Akira Chiba has been a driving force in motor design with game-changing innovations that have provided powerful and efficient alternatives to traditional motor constructions. Chiba is a pioneer of bearingless motor technology, incorporating additional stator windings for producing two-dimensional radial forces that act as magnetic bearings. Bearingless motors provide high rotational speed, compactness, and no wear particles compared to traditional motors. They are integral to specialized pump applications where ultraclean conditions are required, such as in semiconductor and liquid-crystal display manufacturing. Chiba has also addressed the concern for the scarcity of rare-earth metals used for permanent-magnet motors in automotive traction drives. He developed a rare-earth-free switched-reluctance motor featuring competitive torque density and efficiency, and enhanced output with rare-earth-based motors featured in leading hybrid vehicles.

An IEEE Fellow, Chiba is a professor with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan.


Dusan Povh has played an essential role in laying the foundations for the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and flexible alternating-current transmission system (FACTS) technologies prevalent today that ensure secure and reliable power delivery around the world. Povh helped introduce HVDC technology using thyristors and was responsible for system and filter design for the Cahora Bassa and Nelson River HVDC systems introduced during the 1970s. His pioneering work concerning FACTS includes damping of subsynchronous oscillations and realization of static Vat compensators using thyristors. FACTS technology today helps increase the reliability of AC grids and improves efficiency and transmission quality. Povh’s focus on the interaction between AC systems and HVDC systems has enabled the reliable operation of HVDC systems integrated with HVAC systems.

An IEEE Life Fellow, Povh is an independent consultant in power system analysis, HVDC, and FACTS residing in Nuremberg, Germany.




IEEE Nikola Tesla Award 2020:
Akira Chiba, for contributions to bearingless and reluctance motors.

IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award 2020:
Dusan Povh, for contributions to the development and applications of HVDC and FACTS.