This is a Virtual Presentation on
5 April 2023 at 11:30 am EDT

This talk exposes the simple yet mighty scientifically proven practices to tap into energy reserves of mind and body. In this session, participants are exposed to a few, powerful strategies which are not taught in the classroom or the boardroom. Ideal for leaders that aspire to achieve more with less, while harnessing the power of focus, presence, and creativity.

Speaker Bio: MEGHA JOSHI (

Megha is the CEO of Boardroom Zen™, an executive coaching & advisory firm on a mission to help leaders be wildly successful, thrive in big-ticket positions while navigating high pressure environments. Through her podcast Boardroom Zen, rated globally in the top 10% of podcasts, Megha uncovers best practices on how to thrive in the boardroom and beyond as she interviews recognized executives and thought leaders.


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