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30 June, 8:00 am EDT

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The workshop will feature leaders from the energy access field to provide perspective and a vision of how viable solutions may be developed and deployed at scale. Invitees include a mix of people from academia, industry, NGOs, key international and governmental organizations. Topics include

  • Empower a Billion Lives I
  • Towards universal energy access, – traditional approach, barriers and pathways to scale, broad inter-sectoral approach, what are the gaps – technology, business model, finance, policy, lack of buying power, interoperability. What are the desired outcomes and impacts?
  • Can rapidly moving ‘exponential’ technologies that enable sustainable energy access and integrated electrification at scale be a means to improve livelihoods and meet aspirations for the most underprivileged people? Technology is broader than only lighting and electrical appliances, and major issues are reliability and resiliency at the edge, and interoperability across vendors and generations. Desirable attributes include bottom-up systems that grow with fulfill community and family needs
  • Energy Access stakeholders’ collaboration - how can IEEE be a partner – capabilities, needs, and collaboration opportunities.
  • ‘If we could wave a magic wand, what is the outcome we would want?’ 
  • Empower a Billion Lives II (EBL-II) Global Competition – stakeholder input, what are desirable outcomes over 2-10 years, partnership opportunities, target schedule and execution plan, mechanisms for support

View the Program and Agenda.

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