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Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions - Live-streamed Panel with Vint Cerf

Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions - Live-streamed Panel with Vint Cerf
 Tuesday April 25th, 9-11:45am ET  Washington D.C.


The event has ended. An on-demand version of the full event will be available on shortly, and segmented sessions will be available within a week.

Despite the always-connected lives of many, it's estimated that 60 percent of the global population remains disconnected from the Internet. With Internet access becoming crucial to success, well-being and growth in a global society, what's the best way to bring the rest of the world on board?

Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions builds on previous internet inclusion events organized by IEEE – as well as other programs dedicated to internet access, development and inclusion. These collaborative events with multi-stakeholders have outlined definitive opportunities to accelerate progress in meaningfully connecting the estimated 60 percent of the global population who remains unconnected around the world.

Livestreamed Session, 9-11:45 a.m. Tuesday, 25 April

Policy, impact leaders and stakeholders join a breakfast briefing with a panel of experts who are spearheading internet inclusion issues working groups. The panelists will present progress and plans in the context of internet inclusion challenges and opportunities, including the areas of the digital gender divide, public access, community networks, research, digital literacy and innovative business models.

The briefing also will share overviews of projects in which presenters have been involved, along with beneficiaries of work in underserved regions worldwide. Representatives from working groups will report on team meetings held the previous day to determine actionable next steps and impact oriented outputs.

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