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IEEE Technology Time Machine 2018

IEEE Technology Time Machine 2018
 1 Nov.  San Diego, CA

Technology Time Machine 2018 is over. Please check back on for on-demand versions of the recorded sessions. 

The IEEE Technology Time Machine is the IEEE’s flagship conference on future technology directions.

The 2018 IEEE Technology Time Machine (TTM 2018) will offer attendees from research and industry innovative insights from top executives and pioneers regarding the impact of future technologies on business and industry, society and everyday life, ethics, and policy. will live-stream three select sessions from TTM 2018:

Day One Keynote - "Ambient World — I am aware…": Jeff Fedders and Katalin Bartfai-Walcott, Intel – Fedders oversees the division of Intel focused on Society 5.0 — the emerging confluence of the cyber and physical worlds, and markets.

Day Two Keynote: Poppy Crum, Dolby Laboratories - Crum is Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories, directing the growth of internal science and responsible for algorithm design, technological development, and technology strategy.

Day Two Young Entrepreneurs and IEEE N3XT® Session: IEEE N3XT® discussions are focused on bringing skills and inspiration to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Hear from founders and investors -- engrossed in the world of engineering-driven entrepreneurship with a focus on data storage, semiconductors, aerial robotics, brain computer interfaces, and healthcare -- on merging frontier technology with founding companies:

• Rakesh Kumar, TCX Technology Connexions (moderator)
• Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates, Inc.
• Colin Curtin, Human Interest
• Greg Horowitt, T2 Venture Capital
• Veronica Osinski, Trifecta Capital
• Conor Russomanno, Meta
• Ganesh Subramanian, Panimalar Institute of Technology

Day Two Distinguished Experts Panel - 3:30pm PT
How will technology impact our lives today, tomorrow, and beyond tomorrow? Experts will focus on how our lives will be different due to advances in science and engineering fields including energy efficient communication networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous and intelligent systems, VR/AR, connected devices and more. This panel will offer lively discourse on these topics and will provide opportunity for audience engagement and questions regarding the current and future implementations of technological advances for the benefit of humanity. Speakers include:

• Celia Desmond - President, World Class Telecommunications (moderator)
• Jaafar Elmirghani - Director, Inst. of Integrated Information Systems, University of Leeds 
• Jeff Fedders - Society 5.0 Chief Strategist, Intel 
• Steve Welby - Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, IEEE 
• Sean White - Chief R&D Officer, Mozilla