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An IGBT reliability model based on Saber software which can reflect the aging process of IGBT is proposed in this research in order to better reflect the changes of multi-feature values in IGBT reliability model. At first, the coupling relationship among electrical, thermal and mechanical of IGBT is deeply analyzed, and then an IGBT reliability evaluation model based on Saber software is established according to the failure mechanism of IGBT bond line, and its static and dynamic characteristics are verified. The simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results. The effects of collector current Ic and gate driving voltage Uge on the saturation voltage drop of IGBT are verified by the built model. The conclusions are as follows: 1) the saturation voltage drop increases continuously with the deepening of the aging degree of IGBT. 2) the saturation voltage drop is affected by the collector current and driving voltage passing through IGBT. The study of this model has a certain guiding significance for realizing the reliability evaluation of IGBT and improving the reliability of power electronic power conversion devices.

Reliability Modeling and Simulation Analysis of IGBT Devices based on Saber Software WeiWang