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Abstract—This paper introduces a case of UAV mission management system and uses the model-based system engineering (MBSE) method to model and analyze the case. Because many historical uses of SysML are concentrated in the early stages of the project life cycle, this paper uses the Harmony-SE method to extend the advantages of MBSE to the later stages of construction projects. In addition to obtaining visual models, this research method can also produce a series of deliverables that guide project construction. Not only reduces product maintenance costs and development cycles, but also facilitates communication with developers, making communication clearer and reducing ambiguity.

Use the Harmony-SE Approach to Extend the Advantages of MBSE Zejun, Yang1,a, Huanchao, Du1,b, Ying, Liu1,c, Ruixia, Liu1,d, Yifei, Liu1,e

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