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Abstract-Press-pack insulated gate bipolar transistor (PP IGBT) is the key component in hybrid direct current circuit breaker (DCCB), due to its fast-breaking speed and large interruption capacity. This paper presents the transient behavior of PP IGBT under rated and fault current interruption conditions. For the purpose of evaluation for thermal behavior of PP IGBT, the power losses under different interruption conditions are analyzed, then the cauer model and FEM model are built based on a 4500V/115A press-pack IGBT for junction temperature estimation. Consequently, analytical investigation in conjunction with cauer thermal network model and FEM simulation demonstrate the thermal behavior of PP IGBT under different DC interruption conditions. Keywords-Thermal behavior, power losses, press-pack IGBT, DC interruption condition, cauer model, FEM.

Thermal Analysis of Press-pack IGBT in Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker, Weibin Zhuang, Yifei Wu, Yi Wu, Rui Li, Ming Wu, Fei Yang.