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Lower limb exoskeleton is a human-machine-electric system that is worn on the outside of the human body and incorporates advanced control, information and communication technologies. It can provide protection, support, and certain auxiliary power for the wearer. In this paper, the mechanical structure of a lower limb exoskeleton is designed and coupled with the human body model for simulation. it verifies the effect of the exoskeleton in reducing human metabolic consumption. First of all, this paper introduces the overall structural design of a lower limb exoskeleton. Secondly, the forward and inverse kinematics of the exoskeleton leg are analyzed, and the working space and Jacobian matrix of the exoskeleton are solved. Finally, the human-machine coupled simulation of the exoskeleton is carried out to analyze the metabolic consumption of the human body under different conditions and verify the power-assisting effect of the exoskeleton on human walking.

Human-machine Coupled Research of a Passive Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Walking Assistance Jianbin Zhang, Zhaochen Li, Jianhua Wang, Wenjie Chen, Weihai Chen