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In order to improve the regenerative braking energy (RBE) utilization, realize peak load shifting and reduce the negative sequence current in high-speed railway, a hybrid energy storage integrated traction power supply system (HESTPS) is presented in this article. The new power supply system is composed of a single traction transformer, a power flower conditioner (PFC) and the hybrid energy storage system (HESS), and the HESS is connected onto the dc link of the PFC. First, the working principle of the HESTPS is introduced, including the system working mode and the power flow distribution in each mode. Then, since the PFC and the HESS forms a multiport structure, an optimized control strategy is proposed to realize the coordination control of the system. Finally, a simulation is given to demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed topology and control strategy.

A Novel Hybrid Energy Storage Integrated Traction Power Supply System and its Control Strategy for High-speed Railway Author: Mr. Peng Liu Organisation: Shuohuang Railway Developmen

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