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This paper deals with the problem of design of fault detection observer for H2AT model in restricted frequency- domain specifications, which belongs to a class of nonlinear singular systems. Both disturbances and fault frequencies are assumed to be known and to reside in middle-frequency range. Different from previous results, the H2AT model is modified here, in contrast to conventional TS fuzzy modeling, it is allows separating the unmeasured premise variables (UPV) in the local nonlinear consequent which provide a more effective way to deal with the UPV. In order to guarantee the best robustness to disturbances and sensitivity to faults, the fault detection observer combines the H−/H∞ performances.Less restrictive design conditions are obtained based on Differential Mean Value Theorem (DMVT) property. The asymptotic stability of the observer error dynamics is ensured by using a fuzzy Lyapunov function and a linear matrix inequality approach. Simulation result are conducted to demonstrate the viability and validity of the presented method.

Fuzzy Fault Detection Observer Design for Head-Two-Arms-Trunk System Juntao Pan, Rongrong Li, Sujun Wang and Weiwei Zhang

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