Scientific Entrepreneurship: Taking Lab Results to Market

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1. How does it work? From an idea to a fully industrialized product, there are many steps to go through. Each step has its precise function and objectives. This presentation shows it can be split in 3 important parts: technology development, product development and manufacturing.

2. All ideas are not equal. For a same technology, many markets are possible. How to correctly assess markets and choose the best one?

3. Funding is key and all entrepreneurs need to understand this important tool. There are specific funding for scientific entrepreneurship that is on University side while IP is still own by the research institution. This is important to know about it and when it is a good time to actually create a company and the related IP inside this new company.

How to take lab results to market?  This is called scientific entrepreneurship or technology transfer.  In this video, Marc Perron presents (1) the process, how it works, (2) how to assess market and opportunities and (3) how to finance such projects.

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