Ethical & Societal Implications of Artificial Intelligence

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Prof Ali Hessami  (Chair & Technical Editor, IEEE 7000 Standard and Vice Chair and Process Architect, IEEE Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems) presented "Ethical & Societal Implications of Artificial Intelligence" on 15 February 2024 as a Guest Lecture at a UK and Ireland SSIT Chapter Meeting. This lecture was moderated by Miriam Cunningham, UK and Ireland SSIT Chapter Chair. 


This lecture will cover the emerging threats and advances on technology ethics and will also refer to two IEEE initiatives in this context namely IEEE 7000 suite of standards and the Ethics Certification Programme for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS).

A number of IEEE standards and publications have been produced lately to promote awareness, recognition of the threats to values and rights and provide guidance to public and private sectors on factoring ethics in their technological solutions, products, services and systems. 

The main focus is on Autonomous Decision Making (ADM) and Algorithmic Learning Systems (ALS), the emerging regulatory landscape and approaches to the risk reduction in societal harms and ethical assurance of these technologies.

IEEE UK and Ireland SSIT Chapter and SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT cooperated with a number of IEEE Organisational Units including: UK and Ireland: AESS Chapter,  Computer Society Chapter,  Systems, Man and Cybernetics Chapter,  Oceanic Engineering Society Chapter,  Circuits and Systems Chapter,  Women in Engineering; Northern Virginia/Washington/Baltimore SSIT Chapter and New Jersey Coast Section SIGHT to organise this SSIT Lecture as a joint Webinar.

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