Prioritizing Societal and Ethical Concerns with Responsible AI

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Dr Tom Coughlin (2024 IEEE President) presented "Prioritizing Societal and Ethical Concerns with Responsible AI" on 13 March '24 as a Guest Lecture at a IEEE UK and Ireland SSIT Chapter Meeting. This lecture was moderated by Miriam Cunningham, UK and Ireland SSIT Chapter Chair.

Participants registered from Australia; Canada; China; Costa Rica; Ecuador; England; France; Germany; Greece; Guyana; India; Ireland; Italy; Malaysia; Mexico; Namibia; Nigeria; Philippines; Portugal; Scotland; South Africa; Spain; Turkey; Trinidad & Tobago; United States; Uruguay and Wales.

Members of IEEE have been involved in the development of artificial intelligence since its inception.  Since 2015 there has been a great effort to develop ethical guidelines for AI in the IEEE, leading to a series of documents on Ethically Aligned Design for Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, including analysis of ethically aligned design for business and education.  In addition to these analysis and policy documents, IEEE's Standards Association has created a series of standards for the ethical use of AI, the 7000 standard series.  These standards have influenced international AI and ethics public policy, including a Digital Services Framework Based on the Rights Principles for Children.  

In this talk we looked at IEEE's efforts in promoting and defining ethical design with AI and its applications in advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

IEEE UK and Ireland SSIT Chapter, SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT cooperated with a number of IEEE Organisational Units including: New Jersey Coast Section SIGHT;  New Jersey Coast IM/Computer Joint Chapter; IEEE Region 1; IEEE Region 2; Northern Virginia/Baltimore/Washington SSIT Chapter;  Vancouver Section Jt. Chapter,TEM14/PC26/E25/SIT30; North Jersey Section SSIT Chapter; North Jersey Section Jt Chapter, AP03/MTT17; North Jersey Section SIGHT; North Jersey Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group;  Susquehanna Section Life Member Affinity Group; UK and Ireland Computational Intelligence Chapter; UK and Ireland Computer Society Chapter;  Central Texas Section Chapter, C16/EMB18 Austin;  and Central Texas Sect Jt. Chap,COM19/SP01/CT08 Austin to organise this SSIT Lecture as a joint Webinar. 

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