GaN and SiC, Fact vs. Friction: APEC 2013 KeyTalk with Dr. Umesh Mishra

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GaN and SiC, are these the new frontier of the power electronics industry? 

What will be the next driver for the power industry, GaN or SiC or some combination of both? Engineers are barraged with press releases touting the latest break through result from both companies and universities which is often confusing, misleading or contradicting. With his extensive background in the technology, Umesh Mishra PhD. is in a unique position to educate the APEC attendees about the fundamental differences between the two alternate technologies as well as provide some humorous insight into how to read not what is in the press releases but rather what is not stated in them. This will help the decision makers to ask the right questions in order separate fact from fiction so they can make profitable business decisions for their projects or engineering investments.

Dr. Umesh Mishra separates compound semiconductior fact from fiction in his APEC 2013 KeyTalk