EPICS In IEEE Spotlight - NJIT 2016 Project

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This video spotlights EPICS in IEEE's Virtual Reality Vision Therapy project with NJIT, which helps children with binocular dysfunction.

Since its inception, EPICS in IEEE has sought to show the benefits of empowering students to work with local service organizations to engineer and implement solutions for their communities' unique challenges. One example is a virtual reality project to treat binocular dysfunction being led by five New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) students. Binocular dysfunction, the inability of both eyes to work together, has been called the hidden learning disability. Indeed, few other physical conditions can so drastically affect the academic performance of children, including those with brain injury. Youngsters with this condition can't concentrate because of blurred or double vision. They also experience eyestrain and headaches while trying to read or use a computer. Vision therapy in a physician's office is helpful, but the $3,000 to $5,000 expense usually is not covered by insurance. Less costly therapies for home use can also be beneficial, but children fail to use them because they are repetitive and boring. In New Jersey, a team of four biomedical engineering students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and two high school students are changing things. In collaboration with The Eye Institute, a non-profit organization that serves Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, the students are creating a significantly less expensive, home-based device designed to make therapy sessions both effective and fun. To learn more about this project visit: http://epics.ieee.org/program/projects-list/ To learn more about EPICS in IEEE visit: http://epics.ieee.org/

This video spotlights EPICS in IEEE's Virtual Reality Vision Therapy project with NJIT, which helps children with binocular dysfunction.