CEIDP 2023

East Rutherford, NJ, USA

The CEIDP was established within the Division of Engineering and Industrial Research, National Academy of Sciences – National Research Council in 1920 in nearby Manhattan, NY, and continues to provide opportunities for specialists from around the world to meet and exchange their expertise, annually, now under sponsorship from the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society. This annual Conference aims to bring together researchers in all disciplines from industry, universities, government, and other laboratories to discuss the latest results and developments in electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena.

Original contributions are welcomed in theoretical and experimental aspects of dielectric, electronic, and electrostatic research on vacuum and gaseous media and liquid and solid materials of organic and inorganic origins. 

CEIDP Interviews

Brian Stewart Interview - CEIDP 2023

President of the IEEE DEIS 2022-2023, Brian Stewart, offers insight into the DEIS and his journey in electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena by recognizing and honoring history to anticipate the work's and society's future. 

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Davide Fabiani Interview - CEIDP 2023

Incoming DEIS President 2024-2025, Davide Fabiani, shares his perspective on how the society can grow, continue to adapt, and be a part of the exciting, multidisciplinary fields of electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena.


Dr. Kaori Fukunaga Interview - CEIDP 2023

Dr. Kaori Fukunaga, scientist at NTT DATA (National Institute of Information and Telecommunications Technology) in Tokyo, Japan, introduces herself and shares examples of projects she’s collaborated on. Dr. Fukunaga offers inspiration on maintaining a positive career journey and lessons learned from her research and collaborative projects. 


Reimund Gerhard Interview - CEIDP 2023

Reimund Gerhard, the IEEE DEIS Historian, gives a synopsis of his career and the origins of the Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP). Gerhard shares his wisdom of the society’s history, how it’s shaped the advancement of these fields, and how engineers can gain inspiration to become involved in its future.  


Greg Stone Interview - CEIDP 2023

IEEE Fellow Greg Stone describes his career journey in electrical insulation and dielectrics and his perspective on its advancement, looking into the future. Stone advises young engineers on how emerging technologies impact the progress of those advancements.