What Happens When Net Neutrality & The Internet of Things Collide? - IEEE Congressional Briefing

Washington D.C.

IEEE held this Congressional Briefing to help policy makers learn more about how net neutrality rules could impact the complex web of devices, programs, institutions, rules and people that are connected to the Internet. These new rules could have a far-reaching effect on things like telemedicine, real-time applications, autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things. The panelists were technology experts able to explain how emerging technologies work and are changing the Internet. Panelists included:

• Richard Bennett, member, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group; visiting fellow, American Enterprise Institute 
• Bob Heile, director, Wi-SUN Alliance; expert on Wi-Fi technology & standards 
• Oleg Logvinov, director of special assignments, ST Microelectronics; chair, IEEE Internet Initiative 
• Geoff Mulligan, founder & president of Proto6, a leading Internet of Things consulting company; presidential innovation fellow 
• Karen Bartleson (moderator), senior director, Synopsys; 2013-14 IEEE Standards Association president

IEEE Congressional Briefing on Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Briefing - Oleg Logvinov - IoT Washington DC 2015

IEEE Internet Initiative Chair, Oleg Logvinov, describes how our move from the network of computers is now moving towards the entire interconnections of all the internet-enabled objects surrounding us. Logvinov explains the objectives of the initiative, the birth of IEEE P2413, and the importance of deploying safe and secure technologies within the IoT environment.


Net Neutrality Briefing - Bob Heile - IoT Washington DC 2015

IEEE802.15 Chair, Bob Heile, reviews the IEEE 802 IoT Activities by explaining the project and its current goals, the structure of the organization, and an overview of select iterations up to 802.15. Heile also highlights important collaborations addressing Internet Privacy and safety of new technologies.