Yidong Xia


Dr. Xia is a computational R&D scientist for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Idaho National Laboratory's (INL) Energy and Environment Science & Technology Directorate. Dr. Xia obtained his Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering with a Minor in General Mathematics at North Carolina State University. At INL, Dr. Xia's research and leadership experience are mostly in the areas of bioenergy, environmental subsurface science, nuclear energy, fossil energy, geothermal energy, and high-performance scientific computing. Dr. Xia's technical expertise spans several fields, including computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer, computational particle mechanics, computational chemistry, and nuclear material and thermal hydraulics. Dr. Xia currently serves as the PI for INL as a partner in "Multi-Scale Fluid-Solid Interactions in Architected and Natural Materials" (MUSE), an Energy Frontier Research Center under the support of DOE Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences Program. He also leads the Material Handling Task in the Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium (FCIC) supported by DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO). Dr. Xia is leading an INL Laboratory Directed Research & Development project focusing on the exascale modeling of geofluids and has been awarded HPC allocations on Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Summit supercomputer (presently world's fastest) under the support of DOE Office of Science, Advanced Scientific Computing Research program. Dr. Xia is INL's Point of Contact for BETO Consortium for Computational Physics and Chemistry (CCPC) and BETO HPC Allocation Program.


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