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This paper proposes an event-triggered mechanism to achieve containment control for multi-agent systems with state-dependent switching topology, meanwhile ensuring a fully Zeno-free triggering for each follower. First, based on the idea of ``estimation before transmission'', an observer in the $\epsilon$-time scale is designed to fast estimate the states of leaders. Second, since the communication topology is time-vary, a predefined containment control protocol is presented based on the distributed state observer, where the expected convex combination of multiple leaders is predefined by some given weights. Subsequently, the closed-loop system is transformed into a switched system and a switching approach is introduced to find a waiting time in the event-triggered mechanism. At last, we provide a practical simulation example to demonstrate the validity of the proposed mechanism.

Two-time-scale Containment Control of Multi-agent Systems with State-dependent Switching Topology,Zehua Wang, Dong Wang, Shuai Liu, Jie Lian and Wei Wang

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