Empowering Women for Sustainable Climate Resilience

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The IEEE Humanitarian Technologies Board Ad Hoc Committee on SIGHT Best Practices cooperated with a number of IEEE OUs including IEEE Philadelphia Section SIGHT, IEEE SSIT IST-Africa SIGHT, IEEE Bahrain Section SIGHT, IEEE Karachi SIGHT and IEEE UK and Ireland SSIT Chapter to organise this Lecture as part of a Series of Best Practice Lectures

Prof. Parkash Lohana, Usman Institute of Technology, Pakistan presented “Empowering Women for Sustainable Climate Resilience" on 14 June '23 as the fourth lecture in this series

Climate change and disasters are major challenges in most Asia Pacific regions. It is deeply shaping the lives of communities, women are extremely sensitive to these changes given their lack of access to essential resources such as land, finance, or information, and also affects food security, nutrition, clean water, health, and livelihood.  
In particular, remotely habitant women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and other disadvantaged groups bear the brunt of climate change due to the social inequalities that limit them. Climate change, in turn, widens the social and economic space, trapping communities in a vicious circle.
This Best Practice Lecture focused on how women can be empowered for tackling climate change, especially by using their knowledge, skills, and abilities to adapt and mitigate climate change. 

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