Cybersecurity insights for Industrial IoT -WIE ILC 2021

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IIoT, which is an autonomous environment is based on: self-driving, self-learning networks, new communication models and thousands of IoT-based devices transmitting data, which if compromised may lead to high impact threats surface (i.e. complete system failure, lack of systems control, human, financial, data loss, etc.). Looking in the current COVID-19 climate where majority of human resource is limited to work remotely whereas the Cyber threat surface has been grown immensely, in such situation data security is essential for IIoT.
In this talk, the author gives an insight on IIoT Cybersecurity (Data and Network Security) issues and possible ways to mitigate them.

Speaker: Lubna Luxmi Dhirani, Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Limerick

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a novel concept of smart, agile, secure and an intelligent factory. IIoT which is widely known as Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 involves implementing new communication models (5G, Wi-Fi-6, etc.) and technologies (Cloud Computing, IoT, Big data, Artificial Intelligence) optimizing Industrial productivity...