How to Lead with Empathy while Inspiring High Performance in Technical Teams - WIE ILC 2021

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In this interactive session, the presenter will share stories on how to lead with Empathy, creatively accommodate employee needs, and build organizational resilience -- while inspiring teams to high achievement and performance.

Sree will share three stories/examples of driving results while energizing employees, and putting people FIRST. This includes accommodating for team members who are experiencing unique challenges due to the pandemic. We will use Kahoot (interactive tool) to crowd-source audience input on other effective approaches to lead technical teams and build an entrepreneurial culture.

Speaker: Sree Anand Ratnasinghe, Director, Solutions Architecture, Amazon Web Services

The global pandemic and recovery calls for leaders to have a high Emotional Intelligence - to lead with empathy, trust and respect as employees are experiencing challenging situations at life and work. At the same time, leaders cannot take their foot off the pedal -- You need to drive a high performance, agile culture and inspire teams to greatness. Are these two notions contradictory? How do you drive both?