Grounding for Hybrid Vehicles

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Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) management becomes extremely important for the designer to ensure reliable vehicle operation. In addition prevention of interference to both on board and well as off board electronics products and systems is required. The Toyota Prius HEV is analyzed as to its approach to EMI/RFI management as well as an in depth review of its high power electrical and electronics circuitry. Design principles such as magnetic shielding, cross talk analysis, ground loops, electrostatic shielding are provided. The electrical and electronics technology described in this course is of significant importance to the design engineer who is concerned with both hybrid and electric vehicle design and well as those involved with all high electrical power systems design.

Hybrid and pluggable electric vehicles with up to 500 volts and 500 amperes of current present new and significant challenges for the electrical and electronics system designer. The concept of robust grounding of the power electronics circuits and cabling to prevent radiation of electromagnetic interference as well as the interference within the vehicles controls system is of significant importance.

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