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#Semi-active suspension #improved Skyhook control #YOLO v2 #preview control

In order to improve the ride comfort of vehicles equipped with damping continuously adjustable semi-active suspension on bad road, this paper presents a preview control model of semi-active suspension based on camera road condition recognition. In this paper, YOLO v2 is used to detect the speed bump, and the improved Skyhook control strategy is used to adjust the vertical damping force of the suspension in real time, so as to realize the preview control of the semi-active suspension. The simulation result shows that the identification method based on YOLO v2 algorithm can accurately detect the road speed bump. The improved Skyhook control strategy can effectively suppress the vertical vibration. Combined with machine vision, the semi-active suspension preview control can adjust the suspension damping ahead and effectively improve the ride comfort of the vehicle.

"Preview Control of Semi-Active Suspension with Adjustable Damping Based on Machine Vision" Authors: Huize Hu, Guangqiang Wu*, Libo Mao