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The isolated bidirectional resonant converter is widely applied for renewable energy battery charger because of its high operating frequency and power density. But traditional LLC converter has many problems in reverse working mode. This paper introduces the CLLC resonant converter into the battery charging and discharging system. The circuit principle and the equivalent model of CLLC resonant converter is analyzed and constructed by FHA method. The CLLC battery charger control strategy is realized by FPGA. Based on the theoretical analysis, the resonant network parameters are designed. Finally, the experimental hardware platform of CLLC resonant converter is designed to verify the feasibility of the overall system.

FPGA Controller Based Bidirectional CLLC Resonant Battery Charger Yu Gao, Jianglin Nie, Jiangpeng Yang, Shuai Zhang, Tianxiang Wang, Zeliang Shu