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In many cases, the closed-loop phase current control is indispensable for the operation of the switched reluctance machine (SRM). To achieve the compromise among the convenience, adaptability and accuracy, a phase current tracking control approach is proposed, which fully utilizes the robustness of the sliding mode theory. According to the reference phase current from certain algorithm, the reference excitation voltage is obtained with the sliding mode controller, which just requires the unsaturated phase inductance of the SRM at the aligned rotor position. Furthermore, the excitation voltage is accurately supplied to the phase windings through a four-state pulse width modulation (PWM) scheme. The performances of the proposed control method are evaluated with detailed simulations and experiments under different operating conditions, and the comparisons with the commonly used hysteresis current control (HCC) method are carried out as well.

Current Tracking Control of Switched Reluctance Machine with Low Dependence on Electromagnetic Characteristics Xujing Zhao, Shoujun Song

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