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With the development of photovoltaic power generation, there is an urgent problem to be solved about how to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation systems. For the nonlinear output characteristics of photovoltaic arrays, fast and accurate tracking method of the maximum power point has become the topic of research. The traditional maximum power point tracking methods do not consider the tracking speed and accuracy at the same time, and there are often problems with oscillation and misjudgment. In order to solve the problems above, the wind-driven optimization algorithm is studied and an improved adaptive wind-driven optimization algorithm is proposed, which not only has fast tracking speed and higher tracking accuracy, but also greatly reduces the steady-state oscillation. Finally, the superiority of proposed method comparing with the wind-driven optimization algorithm has been verified with the simulation results based on MATLAB/Simulink under the sudden changes of the external environment.

A MPPT Control Method Based on the Improved Wind-Driven Optimization Hongpeng Liu, Yuxin Shi, Wei Zhang