T-CPMT Podcast: A Chat with Rao Tummala & Madhavan Swaminathan

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Jump ahead times:

18:33 - to learn about IEEE EPS
24:48 - to learn about the T-CPMT Journal and how to become an author

IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology publishes research and application articles on the modeling, design, physical testing, materials, manufacturing, and reliability of electronic, photonic, RF, MEMS and sensor packaging, electrical contacts and connectors, and their integration in systems and constituent micro-systems.  Package design, including heterogeneous integration of different devices in a package and in micro-systems, integration for (electrical, thermal, and thermo-mechanical) performance, manufacturability, reliability, test, and security to ensure performance in different applications are within the scope of the journal. 

Hosted by Yogendra K. Joshi, join us for a chat with  Rao Tummala &  Madhavan Swaminathan where they discuss their paper "A Critical Review of Lithography Methodologies and Impacts of Topography on 2.5-D/3-D Interposers"