2018 Applied Superconductivity Conference

Seattle, Washington

For more than five decades, ASC has been an important gathering point for the electronics, large scale, and materials fields within the applied superconductivity community. This page presents recordings form their 2018 meeting in Seattle. For more information on the IEEE Council on Superconductivity, visit https://ieeecsc.org


Applications of Superconductivity in the Detection of Axions - Applied Superconductivity Conference 2018

The universe is believed to be permeated by an unknown substance named Dark Matter because it is not visible, interacting extremely weakly with ordinary matter while revealing its existence only through gravitational effects. One of the leading candidates is the axion particle, a pseudo-scalar, similar to the scalar Higgs particle, but much lighter in mass. Axions were also...


The Prospects for Scalable Quantum Computing with Superconducting Circuits - Applied Superconductivity Conference 2018

Dramatic progress has been made in the last decade and a half towards realizing solid-state systems for quantum information processing with superconducting quantum circuits. Artificial atoms (or qubits) based on Josephson junctions have improved their coherence times more than a million-fold, have been entangled, and used to perform simple quantum algorithms. The next challenge for the field is demonstrating ...


High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) as Enabling Technology for Sustainable Mobility and Energy Efficiency - Applied Superconductivity Conference 2018

The use of HTS in Mobility and in Power Technology is not a goal by itself. This plenary presentation will consider general and fundamental aspects and correlations in the respective field and enlighten the basic relations - not requiring the audience to be deep dive experts in the field, but aiming to provide some new insights for everyone. HTS in general is a quite well known phenomenon to many potential ...