IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing 2018

Tysons, Virginia, USA

The International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC) was a part of IEEE Rebooting Computing Week. In its 3rd year, the ICRC is the premier venue for novel computing approaches, including software, architectures, new devices and circuits, new materials and physics, and applications driving change in all these items. This is an interdisciplinary conference that has participation from a broad technical community, with emphasis on all aspects of the computing stack.

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Plenary Talks

Computing in the Cambrian Era - ICRC 2018 Plenary, Paolo Faraboschi

Dr. Paolo Faraboschi, Vice President and Fellow at Hewlett Packard Enterproses, presents his plenary talk at the 2018 IEEE International Conference for Rebooting Computing. Faraboschi is currently leading HPE’s exascale computing research, with interests at the intersection of system architecture and software. He was previously the lead of The Machine hardware architecture, researching memory-driven computing for big data. He is an IEEE Fellow for “contributions to embedded processor architecture and system-on-chip technology”, , an active member of the computer architecture community, author of 30 patents, over 100 publications, and the book “Embedded Computing: a VLIW approach”.


Track Room Presentations: International C
Track Room Presentations: International B

Parallel Quantum Computing Emulation - Brian La Cour - ICRC 2018

Brian La Cour, Applied Research Laboratories at The University of Texas at Austin, considers the end of the all-digital computation paradigm and shifts toward quantum computing, even with its challenges and specific requirements. La Cour presents the formulation and tech specs that enable parallelization and emulation of a quantum computational system.