Pittsburgh, USA
April 18th, 5:00 PM

This event has ended; the video above is a recording. Stay tuned for info about our next N3XT live event.

The name IEEE N3XT® embodies the spirit of future technological development by using the root of the word “next,” and the numeral “3” to represent the three event pillars of ideas, innovation, and inspiration. IEEE N3XT® events are exciting opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate with the frontier tech and engineering-driven startup community.

The AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup International Finals is a global competition for early-stage physical product companies. IEEE Entrepreneurship is excited to partner with AlphaLab Gear and host the AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup International Finals as the capstone event of IEEE N3XT® on 18 April 2018. In the months leading up to IEEE N3XT®, several regional event competitions worldwide will culminate with the winners traveling to Pittsburgh for the International Finals. The winning team will receive a $50,000 Startbot Grand Prize Investment. Second and third prize International Finalists will each receive cash prizes. AlphaLab Gear is a US nationally ranked hardware accelerator in Pittsburgh, PA – USA. They guide early-stage physical product companies through a 21-week customer discovery module and a 15-week manufacturing module, with up to $125,000 in funding.

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