IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series

The IEEE WIE ILC Virtual Series was held virtually throughout the month of June 2020, which offered 1-hour sessions, live panel discussions, virtual networking opportunities, and an on-demand library for you to browse when it’s convenient for you, which can be found at

The current circumstances have led to more challenges, both professionally and personally, for the women in the tech community, and strong leadership is needed now more than ever. As a result, we updated the theme of the Virtual Series to “Leading through Change”. 

Documentary Screening & Filmmaker's Panel

Pioneers in Skirts Panel Discussion - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series

Following the introductory documentary screening, panelists Lea-Ann W. Berst, Ashley Maria, and Kathy Land discuss what drove the making of their film, Pioneers in Skirts. Topics addressed include personal experiences in technical careers, social and cultural considerations, as well as the current environment for women amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Featured Virtual Sessions

Telle Whitney, Sonita Lontoh, and Kathy Herring Hayashi - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series

WIE ILC Chair Kathy Herring Hayashi moderates this panel discussion following the speakers’ previous presentations, Telle Whitney and Sonita Lontoh. The panelists further extrapolate on leadership topics concerning women in technological careers. Topics include their thoughts on systematic change in the corporate world, how to get others to lead with creativity, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the inclusion efforts of companies nationwide.


Leading Through Crisis - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series

WIE ILC Vice Chair Heather Quinn introduces Enric Bernal and Kelly Simmons for this leadership webinar from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). Topics covered include the three phases and seven steps to consider when leading your team or company through a crisis. Specifically addressing the current COVID-19 crisis, Bernal and Simmons together offer their strategy on pivoting business models, and taking care of both critical operations and people during the crisis.


Crisis or Opportunity?: The Economic Impact on Underrepresented Communities - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series

WIE ILC Vice-Chair Dr. Heather Quinn voices her introduction for a unique perspective on crisis-management, setting the virtual stage for Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest. Krawcheck addresses the social differences between men and women’s relationship to money, and how that influences decision-making. Especially during a crisis, how do you manage your finances?


CCL Panel with Patty Burke & Kelly Simmons - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series

Panelists Patty Burke along with Kelly Simmons, both from Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), discuss their book Beating the Odds and the motivation behind the book. What keeps women from staying in technology professions? Why is the retention rate for women so low at mid-management positions? Learn the Manager’s Manifesto and how to ignore the “glass ceiling”.


Telle Whitney and Kathy Herring Hayashi - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series

A recognized pioneer of the issue on women in technology, Telle Whitney co-founded the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference and transformed the Anita Borg Institute during her time as its CEO. Whitney starts at the beginning of her journey, describing her career entry into computing in the 1980s, as well as lessons learned along the way. Following her talk, Whitney answers questions from the virtual conference attendees.