RFIC 2020 Industry Showcase

The RFIC 2020 Industry Showcase highlights selected papers submitted by authors from industry and students from academia.

Authors of these papers present their innovative work thorugh short informative videos and some will also include a demonstration.

Please see http://rfic-ieee.org/ for more details. The RFIC 2020 Industry Showcase is sponsored by the RFIC Steering Committee and through the generous support of our corporate sponsors.

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Kathleen Muhonen - RFIC Industry Showcase - IMS 2020

Mo2D-3 : Parasitic Model to Describe Breakdown in Stacked-FET SOI Switches
A simple passive capacitance model has been optimized to predict breakdown in a stacked SOI FET. Specifically, as the number of FETs in a switch increases, an equivalent increase in breakdown is not seen in hardware; instead, the breakdown performance saturates as the number of stacks in the FET increases. This phenomenon is not predicted by the FET foundry model. This work is focused on FETs for RF switches in flip chip topologies. As a result of this work, the different components that contribute to off-state capacitances were also described which is important for model development and accuracy.