Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2012

Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2012
 October 21, 2012Seattle, Washington,

Building on the success of the inaugural 2011 meeting, the 2nd annual GHTC will again bring together communities and individuals – engineering, science, technology, industry, academe, government agencies, NGOs, charities, funders -interested in applying technology to develop effective solutions for the challenges facing the world’s underserved.

Conference Goals:

  • Foster exchange of information, networking, and cooperation in the humanitarian field
  • Focus attention of businesses on emerging market opportunities and related technology enablers
  • Impact in positive and meaningful ways lives of disadvantaged billions of people around the world
  • Promote science, engineering and technology as key to development of solutions for disadvantaged communities and attract young people to these professional fields

GHTC 2012 will cover a wide range of topics that include, but are not limited to:

  • Health, Medical Technology, Telemedicine
  • Disaster Warning, Avoidance, and Response
  • Water Planning, Availability and Quality
  • Sanitation
  • Power Infrastructure/Off-grid Power/Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Connectivity and Communications Technologies (data/voice) for Remote Locations
  • Educational Technologies
  • Agricultural Technologies
  • Applying Science, Engineering and Technology for Environmental Sustainability
  • Humanitarian Challenges and Opportunities

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