Brooklyn 5G Summit 2018

Brooklyn, NY


Sponsored by NYU WIRELESS, a research center at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Nokia and IEEE ComSoc, the Brooklyn 5G Summit was the very first get-together of the industry on 5G starting back in 2014 and has been spearheading innovation in 5G New Radio and 5G architecture. From day one, the Summit has been key in exploring the usage of new mmWave spectrum and other technologies that have formed 5G New Radio. It is the Summit where key decision makers from leading operators such as AT&T, DoCoMo, KT, T-Mobile US, Verizon and Vodafone provide guidance to the industry. 

Brooklyn 5G Summit 2018 Sessions

Edge Computing and Network Slicing for the Factories of the Future - Future X Network Panel Talk - Andreas Mueller - Brooklyn 5G Summit 2018

Panelist Dr. Andreas Mueller from BOSCH, compares the static factories of past with the highly flexible factories of the future. Dr. Mueller talks about all the aspects that will make these futurized factories run smoothly, including the role of 5G in industry 4.0. For all 2018 Brooklyn 5G Summit video, visit: